"Always the best " is our commitment for all of our customers.

Taiwan Go! is a commercial platform that allows anyone to find the great products that are directly from Taiwan local. This platform brings Taiwan local farmers, distributors and manufactures to the United States, and also to anywhere in the world.

Our main partner, OTOP, called " One town one product", is a non-profit association that helps and supports small farmers where towns of Taiwan can create specialty product that become well known brands. They also us find hidden delicacies for oversea gourmets.

Our Founders, Lien's, immigrated from Taiwan to United States in 2000. At that time , a lot of stores did not carrying asian products, only some Asian specialized markets did. However, 21 years later. Taiwan snacks, like Pineapple cakes, Boba Teas, and etc., became very popular in the U.S and is now found in many stores throughout the country.

Whether you are homesick or simply just looking for a delicious Taiwan snack. Taiwan Go! is the place to goWe have thousands of new products from Taiwan constantly posted on Taiwan Go! 

Staring from 2022, we will be bringing more categories and more products that you can purchase directly from Taiwan Go!

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